November Kids’ Picks

November Kids Picks

November. The leaves are finally falling off the trees, I’ve finally broken out my coziest sweaters, and the year is drawing to a close. It’s a slow month, in terms of new book releases, but there’s still a bunch of great ones to talk about. Keep reading to see my picks of 10 great new kids’ releases for November.


dreadfulThe Dreadful Fluff by Aaron Blabley (out November 1st)
Serenity Strainer has a type-A personality, and a habit of perfection. So when she discovers some lint in her bellybutton, things spin out of control.

not so differentNot So Different: What You Really Want to Ask About Having a Disability by Shane Burcaw and Matt Carr (out November 7th)
Children (and adults) have plenty of questions of disabled people. Burcaw, who was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, answers some of the most frequent ones in this book. He’s straightforward with kids when it comes to his specific disability and disabilities in general, and humorous in a way that will hopefully negate any discomfort surrounding the topic.

readRead the Book, Lemmings! By Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora (out November 7th)
Dyckman and OHora’s collaborations are always hilarious, and I can’t imagine this one will be any different. Set on an arctic ship, it features lemmings (who, contrary to popular belief do NOT jump off cliffs), books, and a frustrated crew.

raidNathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #7: Raid of No Return: A World War II Tale by Nathan Hale (out November 7th)
Nathan Hale’s popular graphic novel history series tackles a topic fans have been waiting for: World War II. Set on the Pacific front, Hale tells the story of the Doolittle Raids, in which American bombers were discovered by a Japanese patrol boat, prompting an early launch, some plane crashes, some captures, and some pilots evading Japanese soldiers while being helped to safety by Chinese villagers.


daysDays with Dad by Nari Hong (out November 7th)
A young girl’s father uses a wheelchair, which means he can’t do things like go ice skating with her. His daughter doesn’t mind, though, as she’d rather go ice fishing, something her father can do, that ice skate anyway.

warriorsWarriors: A Vision of Shadows #4: Darkest Night by Erin Hunter (out November 7th)
There’s another Warriors book out, what more is there to say? SkyClan is hoping to find a new territory to call home, but not all of the cats believe they have.

lostThe Lost Frost Girl by Amy Wilson (out November 7th)
12-year-old Owl never expected to be normal (who could, with a name like that?), but she never could have guessed that she is the daughter of Jack Frost. Having inherited some of his powers, Owl needs to learn to manage them, find her footing in the fairy court, and balance her magic with her real world concerns.

whichwoodWhichwood by Tahereh Mafi (out November 14th)
In the sequel to last year’s Furthermore, Alice and Oliver attempt to ‘save’ a girl whose magical ability to cleanse the dead in preparation for the afterlife is making her ill. Tahereh Mafi has created a beautiful magical world that I can’t wait to step back into.

i won'tI Won’t Eat That by Christopher Silas Neal (out November 14th)
I was a very picky eater as a child. I am still a picky eater as an adult. So even I find this picture book, about a cat that is tired of its usual dry cat food, but not comfortable with anything its animal friends eat to be relatable.

ninaNina: Jazz Legend and Civil Rights Activist Nina Simone by Alice Briere-Haquet and Bruno Liance (out November 28th)
Translated from French, this book using gorgeous black and white pictures to tell the story of Nina Simone. It covers her singing career as well as her Civil Rights Activism, making history relevant and accessible for children.