Library Mission

The mission of the Lee Memorial Library is to nurture our residents’ and patrons’ personal growth, stimulate intellectual curiosity, and encourage literacy and life-long learning by collaborating with civic, social, arts, educational and other organizations to extend our impact and contribute to a rich community culture.


A wellresourced library is critical to the social fabric of our community. Our Strategic Plan endeavors to Re-imagine the Library as a welcoming and functional destination for residents, a provider of relevant services and updated, innovative resources for patrons, and a fount of opportunity and equal access for all.

The purpose of the Lee Memorial Library is to Educate, Empower, Enlighten, Enrich, Enhance  and Entertain
the residents of our community through relevant services and informational offerings.  The library acts as a community anchor for every segment of our population, providing opportunities for lifelong learning while adapting to our residents’ evolving needs.

Guiding Principles:
Educate and Enlighten – We encourage the growth and enrichment of our patrons, staff and volunteers through access to information fostering an informed citizenry.

Empower– ­ We offer materials that provide different points of view which allow for a full and open presentation of issues and ideas in our society.

Enrich and Entertain – We sponsor educational, cultural and recreational programs for all. We maintain equal access to public spaces for meeting and interacting with other community members.

Enhance- We give our residents maximum value through fiscal responsibility, and serve our public with professional and courteous service.

Evolve– ­ We meet the needs of our patrons by continually adapting to new ideas and technology.