Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in serving as a Library Volunteer? Volunteer opportunities are open to everyone. If you are interested, please fill out the following Volunteer Application form and return it to the circulation desk.

For more information, please contact Circulation Staff at 201-327-4338.

Virtual Volunteer Projects

Are you looking for volunteer hours? Check out the table below for some online opportunities! Contact the Youth Services Librarian to get started. kids@allendale.bccls.org

Project Guidelines:

  • Have fun, be creative, and use your imagination!
  • Be clear and concise, quality video, PG language use.
  • Some virtual projects may be posted in the library webpage, eNewsletter, and/or library Social Media accounts.
  • Questions? Email the Youth Services Librarian: kids@allendale.bccls.org
Virtual Volunteer ProjectProject Description
ReviewWrite a review of a book, audiobook, video game, tv show, movie, etc.
Rate on 1-5 stars (5 being the best)
Minimum length of review = 5 sentences or 1 minute video
Create A TrailerPick a book, audiobook, movie, video game, manga and series, etc.
Create a trailer that would make someone want to check it out — just like a real movie trailer!
Read Alikes List or VideoPick a book, audiobook, movie, video game, series, etc.
Create a list or make a video recommending similar titles… if you like this — then you may like that.
​Minimum length = 10  item list or 1 minute video
TutorialsCreate tutorials on skills, crafts, or online library resources such as databases, websites, etc. 
Create a “how to” or “tips and tricks” guide. It can be written out or a video!
Propose your own projectSubmit a project or program proposal that you would like to do to kids@allendale.bccls.org.
We will be in touch with you to discuss the possibility of you doing this project for Volunteer Hours.