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Book Reviews

Patricia Dunn’s Rebels by Accident:


Finding out who you are can be tough in high school, especially for Miriam. As an Egyptian American growing up in New York, all she wants is to run away from her identity. After Miriam and her best friend Deanna go to jail after a party gone-wrong, her strict and traditional parents send them to Cairo, Egypt to stay with her grandmother, sittu. The dreadful trip to her sittu and the country that has challenged her own existence, ends up teaching her about what it truly means to be proud of who you are. From sightseeing to fights and all the way to taking part in a protest against Egypt’s government, the trip teaches her to love her family and be proud of her country. Above all, she learns the importance of staying true to herself. Not only does Rebels by Accident depict the struggles of a typical teenager, it also allows readers to see the significance of not losing yourself in the midst of a revolution.

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