Programs for Middle Schoolers

Programming for kids in grades 5-8. For elementary aged kids, click here. For grades 9 and up, click here.


Anime Club


Anime Club

Monday, November 4th at 3:30


Looking for a place to meet other anime fans? Join us for a viewing, snacks, and discussion of old favorites and this seasons newest hits.


Endangered NJ

Endangered NJ

Presented by Tenafly Nature Center. Tuesday, November 13th at 3:30. Register here.


Learn about the major factors that threaten animals with endangerment and extinction worldwide. Discover how people both directly and indirectly affect the Earth’s biodiversity, and meet 4-5 living examples of species whose populations are being affected by human actions today. Gain an awareness of New Jersey’s 60+ endangered species, and develop solutions to help prevent threats to our local wildlife!


7 Jan Lego Build

Lego Build

Fridays at 3:30.


Challenge yourself or your friends to see what you can create. If you can dream it, you can build it!