Notary Service Returns!

Lee Memorial Library announces the return of certified Notary Public services. These services are offered free-of-charge by appointment ONLY and at this time are limited to Allendale residents. Proof of residency is required.

Please call 201-327-4338 ext. 2 to schedule an appointment. NO walk-in business will be accommodated. All persons entering the library must wear a mask that covers the face from the bridge of the nose to beneath the chin. Social distancing protocols are in place. Anyone disregarding the safety protocols of Lee Memorial Library will be refused service and escorted from the building.

Notary guidelines are as follows:

  • All forms and documents must be completed before being notarized; forms with blank spaces will not be notarized. Notaries cannot pre-date or post-date any action, prepare a legal document, give advice on legal matters, or notarize documents in which they have a personal interest. Only documents written in the English language will be accepted for notarization. The information must be clearly written.
  • The Notary and the customer requesting Notary services must be able to clearly communicate with each other. Notaries are not permitted to make use of a translator to communicate with the customer requesting Notary services.
  • Certain public documents cannot be copied and/or notarized such as Birth Certificates, Adoption Records and/or Marriage Licenses. In addition, the Notary cannot perform oaths of office.
  • Notaries will not provide service if the customer, the document or any of the circumstances of the request for Notary service raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty for the Library. Should a concern appear/occur, the Library Notary may at his/her sole discretion decline to provide Notary service.
  • Valid photo identification is required of any customer seeking Notary service and of all witnesses. The Library will not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from customers using the library. A witness must (previously) personally know the customer needing the service of the Notary.
  • The Library reserves the right to restrict each household to no more than three Notary Service visits per month and a maximum of 9 documents to be notarized in any 30-day period.