Lobby Book Shop Re-Opens October 30!

AT LAST! The Friends of the Library Book Shop, located in the lobby of Lee Memorial Library, will host a grand re-opening on Friday, October 30! Donations of gently used books, DVDs and CDs will be gratefully accepted beginning Monday, October 19. Bring items any time the library is open.

We accept recent hard cover and paperback books that are in good condition, particularly novels for adults, children’s books of all kinds, non-fiction books such as recent biographies, unstained cook books, books on current events, gardening, sports, etc. With a few exceptions (see below) we accept most books published within the last five years.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT textbooks, restaurant or travel guides, any non-fiction books that are out-of-date, books that are yellowed or torn, nor any items that were EVER stored in a basement or an attic. You have our permission to throw these items out. They have provided all the value they can give. What happens when you donate items that we cannot sell? The library must discard them – first separating the cardboard cover from the paper pages for recycling – and then we must pay a vendor to cart the refuse away. Those who “donate” these kinds of items aren’t contributing to the library; they are costing us money! Please be respectful and only donate those items that we can accept.

We thank our community for its support and especially acknowledge the Friends of the Library, whose loyal volunteerism makes the lobby book shop a valuable and beloved destination in Allendale. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Book Shop!