July 2018 Kids’ Picks

where the watermelons growWhere the Watermelons Grow by Cindy Baldwin (out 7/3)
When twelve-year-old Della Kelly finds her mother furiously digging black seeds from a watermelon in the middle of the night and talking to people who aren’t there, Della worries that it’s happening again—that the sickness that put her mama in the hospital four years ago is back. That her mama is going to be hospitalized for months like she was last time. With her daddy struggling to save the farm and her mama in denial about what’s happening, it’s up to Della to heal her mama for good. And she knows just how she’ll do it: with a jar of the Bee Lady’s magic honey, which has mended the wounds and woes of Maryville, North Carolina, for generations. But when the Bee Lady says that the solution might have less to do with fixing Mama’s brain and more to do with healing her own heart, Della must learn that love means accepting her mama just as she is.

the princess and the pit stopThe Princess and the Pit StopJuly Kids Picks by Tom Angleberger & Dan Santat (out 7/10)
Join Her Royal Highness in the driver’s seat for a mad dash to the finish in this exciting ode to auto racing. With appearances by fairy tale favorites including the Tortoise and the Hare, the Frog Prince, and ALL of the Wicked Witches, this rollicking mash-up of race cars and royalty is a true celebration of both girl power and horsepower.

the squirrels busy yearThe Squirrels’ Busy Year by Martin Jenkins & Richard Jones (out 7/10)
Budding scientists are offered a gentle introduction to the seasons in a simply worded, sweetly illustrated depiction of the busy antics of squirrels who weather the changing seasons throughout the year.

all are welcomeAll Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman (out 7/10)
Follow a group of children through a day in their school, where everyone is welcomed with open arms. A school where kids in patkas, hijabs, and yamulkes play side-by-side with friends in baseball caps. A school where students grow and learn from each other’s traditions and the whole community gathers to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

ginny goblinGinny Goblin is Not Allowed to Open This Box by David Goodner & Louis Thomas (out 7/17)
The story of . . . well, there’s a box, and Ginny Goblin is not allowed to open it. But oh, how she will try! Ninja suits, catapults, scaly serpents, motorcycles—Ginny will stop at nothing and she’ll make readers giggle and cheer from beginning to end.

the dinosaur expertThe Dinosaur Expert by Margaret McNamara & G. Brian Karas (out 7/17)
Mr. Tiffin and his students are back in another picture book, and this time the focus is on dinosaur-loving Kimmy. During a field trip to the natural history museum, Kimmy is thrilled to share what she knows about the Stegosaurus and the Archaeopteryx and even the ginormous Titanosaurus. That changes when one of her classmates questions whether girls can be paleontologists. Kimmy starts to feel shy. What if they can’t? What if no one wants to hear what she has to say? It will take some help from Mr. Tiffin–and from a famous scientist–for Kimmy to find her voice again.

denis ever afterDenis Ever After by Tony Abbott (out 7/24)
A ghost who is unable to move on until his surviving twin is at peace visits his hometown to solve the mystery behind his death and heal the breach his loss has triggered in his parents’ marriage.

nightbooksNightbooks by J.A. White (out 7/24)
A young boy is imprisoned by a witch in a New York apartment and must tell her a new scary story each night in order to stay alive.

whats your favorite bugWhat’s Your Favorite Bug by Eric Carle (out 7/31)
Everybody has a favorite bug. Some like shiny, colorful beetles or busy ants or soft pale moths best. Others prefer spindly walking sticks or fuzzy caterpillars that turn into bright butterflies. With beautiful illustrations and charming personal stories, 15 children’s book artists share their favorite bugs and why they love them.

making friendsMaking Friends by Kristen Gudsnuk (out 7/31)
Danielle needs a perfect friend, but sometimes making (or creating) one is a lot easier than keeping one!