Borrow a Mobile Wireless Hotspot

Internet On-the-Go! It’s access to the world in your pocket or purse, anywhere, anytime with your own Mobile Wireless Hotspot. Traveling on vacation? Taking a business trip? In town or out-of-town, connect to the Internet while you’re on the go with our newest offering, the Mobile Wireless Hotspot. It’s a tool- about the size of a credit card- that connects your smartphone, laptop, tablet, gaming system, and other devices to the Internet, while you’re on the go. How can it help you?

  • Eliminate the worry of conducting business or personal work over unsecured public Wi-Fi connections, including those at hotels, coffee shops, tourist attractions, conference centers and other public spaces.
  • The hotspot is a dedicated connection, so your phone is free to use while your mobile Hotspot keeps you online.
  • Spare your phone’s battery and avoid draining your data plan, if you currently use your smartphone as a portable hot spot. Our device comes equipped with fast 4G service.
  • You can even use it at home if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection, avoiding unnecessary fees for broadband access.

To check out a Mobile Wireless Hotspot, please visit TixKeeper to reserve a device for the date you would like to pick it up. Devices are loaned for 21 days with no renewals. You must be an Allendale resident, age 18 + and a card member in good standing (no excessive fines). A $40 cash deposit is required; refunded upon the on-time return of the Hotspot in proper working order.


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